Swim the Loop

Sun September 29, 2019 Wilmington, NC US 28403 Directions


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North Carolina Coastal Federation

Your involvement helps to keep our coastal waters clean and natural. Individual memberships, donations and a portion of the race proceeds all support the work of the North Carolina Coastal Federation, a leader in coastal preservation, education and advocacy.  With partners like Without Limits and you, the federation works to keep our swimming waters clean through local and regional projects to keep pollution from entering our waters, and restoring our natural habitats like our native oyster reefs and marshes.  These local projects are possible only with the help of people who care about our coast.  We invite you to support the North Carolina Coastal Federation with the same enthusiasm with which you will swim the loop.  To continue the federation's work and keep your swimming water clean, join the federation or donate today.  Become a Partner and Protect Our Swimming Water.


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$20on behalf of Robin Boucher
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